This Man Installed A Strange Looking Window On The Floor. The Reason? BRILLIANT!

One of the biggest annoyances homeowners face each year is the shrinking quantity of free space. As families grow, the amount of goods you buy increases, and naturally you have a lot less space to store your items.  For some, the solution can be as simple as doing some spring cleaning. But, what if you have no junk and you genuinely can’t find space? Well there is a interesting little solution to that problem. Check it out below

At first glance, this randomly placed glass on the floor doesn’t make any sense. In fact, it looks like some sort of mistake

But as you get close to it, you start to notice that there is something below it. There appears to be some sort of staircase under the glass

When you finally open up the door and look down, a beautiful wine cellar is revealed. However, if you’re not into wine, you could also use the space as storage for other items

This is every wine enthusiasts dream. This specific cellar has a carefully controlled temperature and humidity in order to maintain the highest quality of wine. To top it off, it’s conveniently located right in your kitchen

While something like this isn’t for everyone, these convenient cellars are tremendously growing in popularity

You don’t even have to worry about it being out of place in the room. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. So you can make it blend in with any room flawlessly

Some people don’t like the glass look. So they use a wood door instead

It doesn’t strictly need to be placed in the kitchen. These people put it in theirs living room. It can really add a certain special touch to the room


If you’re rushing to get one, you may want to slow down a bit. These cellars can cost up $30,000 to have installed in your home. It’s a hefty price tag for most people but it’s well worth it if you can afford it

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