Creative dad takes the most adorable photos of his 4 y/o daughter

Today we are going to show you an incredibly comical and adorable photo series, shot by a creative Japanese photographer and dad, Nagano Toyokazu
Just like every father, Nakano loves to take pictures of his 4 year-old daughter Kanna, but he just doesn’t do it in the conventional way: he plays with costumes, dresses and Kanna’s toys to create every time a different situation

One of the peculiarities of these pictures is that they are always taken at the same exact spot, the only things that are changing are the theme of the foto and, depending on the season, the rice fields surrounding the location !

adorable-photos-4-year-old-daughter-2 adorable-photos-4-year-old-daughter-4 adorable-photos-4-year-old-daughter-17

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