Russia Has Launched a Selfie Safety Guide

Russia has launched a selfie safety guide because there have been a lot of incidents that have caused injury to the citizens of Russia. The Russian Interior Ministry has become very concerned with the increase in injuries and trauma that have resulted from selfies and the use of selfie sticks. These info graphics are designed to warn people that danger can come from some of the “selfie” activities that have become popular in Russia
Selfie-Safety-Guide-000-07122015 Selfie-Safety-Guide-001-07122015
Russia has launched a selfie safety guide to help their citizens, but we can probably assume that they will take the “challenge accepted” approach to these safety tips. Here are some of the images they released to help warn people of selfie danger
Selfie-Safety-Guide-003-07122015 Selfie-Safety-Guide-004-07122015 Selfie-Safety-Guide-005-07122015
Selfie-Safety-Guide-006-07122015 Selfie-Safety-Guide-007-07122015 Selfie-Safety-Guide-008-07122015

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