Funny and Amazingly Taken Photos That Will Have You Looking Twice !

Yoga In Solitude

Sometimes we just need a little piece and quiet, to be one with nature. This yoga enthusiast is exploring just that.

Yoga Dream.

This is what is called yoga pants heaven when men and women alike can pose in the downward dog in the fresh air with hundreds of like-minded people. It has an even higher rating for public viewing.

Competitive Volleyball.

Beach volleyball is one of the more fun sports to play coed, because usually the girls are just as good if not better than the guys. Not to mention, it’s on the beach with bikini’s everywhere. These players look to be taking this game pretty seriously.

Rooftop Pool Contortionist.

This very in-shape chica is either a gymnast or one heck of a of a cheerleader. It is mind boggling to think of how she even got into that position while balancing on a very small hand rail. I’d have to go with gymnast for this one. Too much talent.

Get Your Filthy Hands Off Me!!!

You can only image what this girl is about to say to the guy that is clearly not welcome to tough her. But The best part is, who’s hand is it? I think she is about to wrongly accuse someone.


Your Type Of Girl?

Talk about contradicting feelings, this chica intrigues and scares at the same time.

This Isn’t Even My Dog.

“Get a dog,” they said. “Chicks will dig it,” they said. For once, his friends were actually right. It’s science at this point. Attractiveness to women=dog’s cuteness².


  Classic Water Hair-Flip.

The funny part of this photo captured perfectly by the photographer is her facial expression. Just about everything else about the image is graceful and elegant but unfortunately, being about to see her teeth and squinted face sort of kills the vibe.

Self Cool-Down.

What a way to capture the heat of the moment. This beautiful beach goer looks to be overheating and what a better way to cool down than an Ice cold water bottle to the chest. Not the hair though, never the hair.

Public Plant Limbo.

The lifestyles of the rich and famous. Taking a morning stroll with your plastic-enhanced trophy wife as she struts around in 5 inch heels and a bikini top. Don’t forget the purebred rat of a dog they are walking.


Synchronized Something.

If anybody ever tells you they want to become a synchronized swimmer, show them this picture. Make sure you stay friends with them so you can get more photos like this.

Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?

Unless her boss is a total gorilla, she’s not getting a Christmas bonus for this. We’ll at least give her some points for her dedication to this particular hobby…craft…skill?

Twister Mind Trick.

Either this girl has an extremely elastic body or there are three people in this photo. Clearly it’s the latter but what a trip.

Stretching Out.


The timing and angle of this photo had to be perfect. Honey Boo Boo’s mom is getting her stretch on.

Poorly Planned Outfits.

She is way too excited for something like this. It kind of makes you wonder if they came together. The guy with the sunglasses looks like he noticed her.

No Mercy.

Talk about going all out. The redhead in gold is willing to do anything to get that ball. What a a great display of how intense and competitive women’s sports truly is.

Barrack Brobama.

Moments like this make us remember that Obama is just a man like any other. The President of the USA and the former president of france Nicolas Sarkozy both have to stop to appreciate the woman in the tight dress. Really, can you blame them? Let’s just hope Michelle doesn’t see this post.

Fire Fights Back.

This guy must really hate his job at this moment. Everything was great at first, he was saving people, getting hit on by middle aged women, then everything changed when the fire fought back. I guess you could say the situation really blew him away.

Ultimate Import Wash.

How does one find a car-washer such as this? If a body kit, suped-up engine, and exhaust  are what I need to get this type of treatment, it looks like I’m in the market for a new Import.
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