The human barbie exposes herself without makeup


Have you ever wondered what the Human Barbie would look like with no makeup? You can quit wondering. The Ukrainian model and actress, Valeria Lukyanova has finally put some photos out that show how she really looks underneath it all.
Actually, she has made quite a few changes. She has the weirdest diet anyone has ever heard. She is trying to change her persona and how people feel about her. But most of all, her career is going places.
That is until recently when she released a video of her ranting about inner ugliness. Of course, it was in her native tongue. Translators say the gist of her rant is about women not trying to be beautiful. If they aren’t exercising or putting makeup on to beautify themselves, they have an inner ugliness. If you can imagine, she is getting quite the backlash from that video.
But, what did you expect? This is a lady who spent a butt load of money to become a living Barbie Doll. That’s her idea of beauty. Besides the fact that she is Ukrainian, a different culture and different mindset. Her thoughts could have been passed down to her in whatever class structure she belongs and they are quite foreign to the politically correct American mindset, pun absolutely intended.
Having said that, let’s get a look at her as Barbie and then without all the makeup!

She Looks Dead

The creepy kind of dead with the eyes wide open. Of course, that’s the Barbie look. So, every once in a while she has to strike that pose.

She Has Perfected Herself As Barbie

And just like Barbie, she fits the criteria of anorexia. She absolutely has an eating disorder, but she probably would never admit it and possibly doesn’t even recognize it. In fact, she thinks she’s revolutionizing a healthy diet and she calls herself a Breatharian.

What’s A Breatharian?

She thinks that she will one day be able to totally exist on air and light. She does eat now. But, she’s turning her diet into merely air and cosmic micro-food. Breatharianism is actually an old philosophy that states people can survive without food and are capable of living entirely off of energy. Since light is energy, Valeria says, “In recent weeks, I have not been hungry at all. I hope it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.”

Exactly Like The Doll

Barbie Dolls are made entirely of plastic and that’s what many people think of Valeria. She denies that her body is the result of going under the knife and that only her breasts have been altered. But, experts disagree. They’ve taken long looks at her body and say that it can only be possible through the use of plastic surgery.

She Nails The Persona

Ironically, she says she doesn’t like being called the Human Barbie, “I don’t think I look like a Barbie. I think I just look like a classy girl.” But, she started this journey wanting to look like Barbie. Something must have gotten to her. It’s hard to tell. She’s still ranting about inner ugliness.

How Does She Look When She Doesn’t Wear Makeup?

But then, she started posting pictures of her without makeup on her Instagram. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. She doesn’t need the makeup at all. Although, doesn’t that go against her rant about applying makeup to look beautiful? But, look at her. She really doesn’t need it.

She Has A Pure And Innocent Look

I love when beauty shines through a perfectly innocent face. That’s the look. Some people would argue that she’s hardly innocent. But, there are always going to be haters. You can’t beat the haters no matter how hard you try. You just can’t please everyone.

She Can Look Like A Normal Woman

Even though she still has a small handful of haters, her pictures without makeup have really gotten a lot of good comments. It’s a more real look. She’s coming across like a human being instead of a human doll who has to be perfect every minute of every day.

Transforming Her Entire Image

Her photos had previously been like a living doll. She was in a car or by a tree looking like some little girl had propped her life-size doll up like that. But now, people are actually taking more of a liking to the real her. She doesn’t only look good in the gym, she looks like she belongs there.

Her Waist Kills It

She has really put some work into her body. Whether it was plastic surgery or discipline in the gym, she deserves props for how committed she is to how she looks. It might be an obsession. One I’m sure her husband, Dmitry Shkrabov appreciates.

What People Don’t Like

For the longest time, Barbie has been the symbol of perfection unobtainable. In the politically correct mindset, people complain that it is body shaming to say that you can’t be beautiful unless you look like her. Of course, it was a woman who came along in 1959 and designed the doll in the first place. Riddled with controversy, Barbie was at one time the ideal look. But, we’ve gotten over that by now.

Her Husband Is A Lucky Man

I don’t really have a type. I have dated different types. But, Valeria is a knockout if you can get past the fact that she won’t eat a burger and it takes her an hour and a half to put on all her makeup.
She actually has a lot going for her beyond just her looks. In addition to being a model, she’s also a DJ and a singer. More importantly, she recently starred in a movie that is called The Doll. Watching the trailer, it’s hard not to think her appearance might have inspired it.

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