10 abandoned places around the world that will make you shiver

When we were small, abandoned houses were the object of all fantasies! Ghosts, monsters and witches were necessarily there for something ...
Today, are abandoned places squarely put me goosebumps  and I much less interested in what I can find. Unless, of course, that the pictures are beautiful and it is the case of these photographs .
I will take you with me so the discovery of abandoned places around the world . Beauty, anxiety, curiosity, fascination, ... These images are strong, their stories, too,  and I'm sure you will not remain insensitive  to their charm!
1. Pripyat, Ukraine
Pripyat is a city in Ukraine founded in February 1970 on the border of Belarus. It was a Soviet nuclear city that housed the Chernobyl workers . After the disaster of 1986, it was evacuated and remains today still radioactive . Pripyat has become a ghost town that can not only visit as a tourist. 

2. Shisheng, Chine
This city under water is old 1341 years!  Miracle of nature, water that has flooded in 1959 during construction of the Xin'an Station Hydraulics, helped to protect it from erosion from wind and rain. It is now in very good condition and offers adventurous divers an incredible and fascinating experience. 
3. Military Hospital in Beelitz, Germany
This large complex was founded in the late nineteenth century. Hitler has also been treated for a broken leg during  the Battle of the Somme in 1916 . Part of the hospital remained then used but most of the building was abandoned in 1995. 
4. Hotel Salto, Colombia
Opened  in 1928  near Tequendema Falls, it housed the tourists who came to  enjoy the show.  Closed in the 90s  when people are tired of coming to the falls, it is today  a museum  for the least impressive. Good thing we asked more  to sleep in  ...
5. Hashima Island, Japan
This Japanese island combines the nicknames and the most common are "Gost Isalnd" or "Battleship Island" (for its shape). From 1800 to 1900 this piece of land was inhabited by the families of the miners , the island having an access to sea mines  coal. When Japan rose  oil to coal , mines have closed, leaving that piece of rock dropped like a ghost ship ...

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