15 Photos Were Taken At Just The Perfect Moment !

Nowadays taking photos turn out to be a part of our lives. It is seen that many of us are most likely habituated to taking snaps of everything every moment. But some important photos help us reflect on the image. The photos may be terrifying or joyful; they have the capability to be very much effectual. Again, most of us taking pictures to capture critical moments in life so that we can have a look at those memories we have created before. Sometimes those memories may be of some tragic moments and create odd feelings among us. Below is a collection of pictures which were captured just at the right time. These are the kinds of photos you’ll want to share around, so feel free to send this article to a friend or family member if you want to brighten up their day.

Ariel’s All Grown Up

The way this picture was captured makes it look like the woman is a dolphin or a mermaid! She’s just thrown her head up out of the sea, and her hair brought a lot of water with it. The path of the water and the way it sparkles in the evening light is breathtaking. They must have planned this out to get such a perfect shot. I wonder how many times they took it to get it just right.

Naughty Caught

Uh-oh! Now, this is the kind of photo you might want to delete. The girl is having fun, doing handstands on the beach, but she doesn’t realize that the man in the background with the net is making it look like something else is happening! Yes, this is just an optical illusion, where the girl is close up, and the man is far away, but still, you’ve got to be careful when you’re taking a picture. You never know what might have popped up that you didn’t notice!

Jumping for Joy

The look of regret on this girl’s face is pretty hilarious. They both front flipped into the water, planning to take a fresh photo, but I guess they didn’t think it all the way through. Maybe the other girl had to convince her to do it! She’s got her hands out, ready to make a big splash once she dives in. The background and blue sky make this a gorgeous picture on top of everything else. This is the kind of thing you need a waterproof camera for. You can’t get fun shots like this any other way!

 Perfect moments !

This is a perfect example of the cameraman hitting the button on the camera at just the right moment. A woman is showing off her gymnastic skills and jumping incredibly high. She must have been practicing for ages to be able to stretch that far! It’s almost like looking at a bird, leaping and about to take flight. Her arms are flapping around like she’s trying to fly! Her shadow reminds me of a swan. She’s graceful, and this picture captures her abilities at their fullest potential. I would have liked to be on that beach to see her in action.


At first glance, this looks like they couldn’t find a urinal on the beach, and maybe one of the girls was a little thirsty. But of course not, that would be gross! This is a fun illusion anyone can do with their friends. The girl who’s standing up has a bottle on the other side, and she’s spraying it into the mouth of the other girl. I must say, it takes a lot of skill to aim that well! Although judging by the amount of water on the ground, I’d say it took them quite a while to get it perfect.

Someone’s Been Working Out

Whoa! Who’s that kid with the huge legs? He must be a real gym rat. He’s probably at the beach to show off his muscles, right? Wrong! The truth is, this is just a neat camera trick. The kid is sitting in front of an adult with big legs. It might be his mom or dad. Probably the cameraman saw an opportunity for a funny picture and just went for it. Perfect situation for a photographer who knows his stuff! I hope he went over and showed the family after. I bet they would have found it amusing.

Monkey Business

Oh! This woman is surrounded on both sides by monkeys. The one on the left is jumping on her, and the one on the right is reaching up her skirt! Maybe he wants to make sure she knows he’s there. He doesn’t want to be sat on! The woman looks like she’s visiting the monkey’s home, maybe in the zoo. These animals look like the playful type, just seeking to have some fun and a good time with their guest. I bet they knew the cameraman was going to take a picture, and they wanted to make it a memorable one.

Wrestle Mania

What’s going on in this picture? Is she climbing on the woman? Was she getting a piggyback ride, and then fell off? The girl on the right looks like she’s ready to fight and she’s getting in the first blow. Maybe the woman did something to make her mad earlier, and now she’s getting revenge! Most likely, this was all part of their job. They are professional wrestlers after all! Whatever happened, the cameraman captured the moment right before everything kicked off, just like a good photographer always does. If I were him, this would be one I’d add to my collection.

Water Surprise

Oh no..!! It looks like that girl is part of a crowd watching a concert. She’s looking chill and happy, but little does she know what’s coming her way. Hope her hair wasn’t done up for the occasion! I guess this is the kind of thing you miss when everyone’s phones and cameras are pointed the wrong way. The photographer decided to be an individual and look the opposite way from the crowd, and he got this funny and well-timed picture as a result. The lesson is being unique gives you different results!

Attack of the Giant Bird

Massive bird or a little person? It’s neither! The man walking on the pier doesn’t have to worry about becoming bird food because this is just a trick of perspective. The bird is right up close to the camera and the man’s walking far away. This situation must have been a fun surprise for the photographer! A funny and unique picture is something that you can always enjoy. He better thanks to the bird for posing so nicely, and the man for appearing at just the right time. Maybe he should send framed copies to them both!

Grin and Bear It

Uh-oh! Nothing gets in the way of beautiful day fishing like a bear attack! The cameraman must be very dedicated to his work; most people would have dropped the camera and run for their lives. Maybe the bear was just looking for lunch. The polite thing to do would be to invite him over, share the fish and get to know him a little. I hope the fisherman didn’t drop the fish as soon as he turned around. It looks like it was a real catch. No matter what, they still have this picture to remember a scary moment they got through!

Singing in the Rain

Someone should tell that guy that’s it’s not a good idea to do back flips in the rain! Well, it’s either that or a wave crashed in and knocked him over. The woman looks amused, but still a little shocked. The least she could do is reach out a hand and help him. I guess she’s not going to need that bottle of water anymore, what with all the water falling from the sky. I bet they were posing for a picture at the pier side and the photographer hit the button just as this guy fell over the edge. We better hope he can swim!

See the Seagull by the Sea

That girl better watch out! The cameraman captured some thievery in this picture. It almost looks like a scene from a Disney movie. The girl is enjoying her food, closing her eyes to appreciate it, and it’s about to get snatched by a gull! The bird’s looking very pleased with himself. Perhaps he’s a pirate gull, patrolling the seas and plundering unwary travelers. He probably does this all the time. I hope he shared with his friends, at least. I think getting an amazing picture like this is worth giving up a little bit of food!

Humming with Delight

Aw! This is a cute one. A hummingbird is paying a visit to a sleeping woman. He’s checking inside her mouth, probably looking for flowers. Maybe he thinks there are some insects for him in there! The cameraman outdid himself this time. The background, the contrast between the tiny bird and the large person, everything comes together to make this picture a beautiful work of art. He should be proud of this. I don’t know if the woman will be happy to know there was a hummingbird in her mouth when she wakes up though!

Horsing Around

Roofs!! That must have hurt. Who knows what’s happening in this picture? It almost looks like the man is trying to fight the horse! Maybe the horse went mad and had to be taken down. He looks startled. Most likely the man is a jockey who fell off his horse right in the middle of a race! Luckily the cameraman was there to take this incredible photo, but I hope he helped him up afterward. The jockey might not have won the race, but at least he gets to have this picture as a consolation prize!

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