A Collection Of Amusing Pics To Help Pass The Time

1 - Snapchat pic of an Analisis place and caption says 'worst kind of ISIS'

2 - Group selfie in which everyone is flipping the bird, including the child in the background.

4 - Picture of a girl with piercings and many medical needles stuck into her face and hands.

5 - Parking an SUV on a very inclined wall.

6 - Garbage piled right into the garbage can and way up high.

7 - Two woman posing who have had way too much plastic surgery.

8 - Bunch of dudes with a shaved side and top dyed as blonde.

9 - Car lifted from the wheel wells instead of from its lift points under the chasis.

10 - Very large and tall woman near a man of small stature.

11 - Woman dancing provocatively against a grave stone in snapchat captioned 'Miss Your Grandma'

12 - 5 kids riding on a moped by themselves.

13 - Classic picture of someone with multiple computer screens and keyboards from 80's era computers and hairstyles.

14 - Girl on a park bench and not sure what is happening with her legs.

15 - Girl with a water melon dress optical illusion

16 - Trucking WTF

17 - clown and his boy

18 - Aggressive Beware Of The Dog sign with a very friendly looking dog behind it.

19 - Woman wearing a gas mask made out IKEA bag.

20 - Screwdriver modified into a toothbrush.

21 - Cutouts of moose and deer spray painted over with real immature symbols.

22 - Awesome pic of kayaking through a cave.

23 - Taxidermist window display of raccoons in leather canoes, with oar in hand and eyes on the horizon.

24 - WTF posting of a man baby who wants a couple to adopt him.

25 - Burnt out van with trees cut into the remaining shell of the vehicle.

26 - Really fat man with pants pulled up high riding the subway and reading his phone.

27 - Blast from the past that is probably not so face of a lull-a-baby hammock for your car.

28 - Strange interaction on Twitter and the Terror attack between white girl and Indian.

29 - Cartoon of girl dancing on a pole and a guy not really interested captioned about how he is hungry and thinking about food.

30 - Meme about how you know you are getting old when a horror movie killer is slaying teenagers and you sort of relate to him.

31 - Disturbing old man drawn onto a urinal with a comment that is even more disturbing.
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