Enjoyable Images To Kickstart Your day !

2 - Beautiful yellow Lamborghini pulling a trashy looking trailer.

3 - Crow riding on the back of an owl.

4 - Girls redoing that famous Marilyn Monroe scene from the Seven Year Itch.

5 - Angry monkeys broke a bottle on the street

7 - Van that looks like it offers some kind of fisting service.

8 - Old couple getting married and the groom is not wearing any pants.

9 - Have black half white dog

10 - f-15 flying straight upwards right alongside a cliff face.

11 - Great pic of an alligator underwater.

12 - Pic of a car that went in the drink

13 - Funny pic of really bored travellers under a mannequin woman.

14 - Facepalm pic of very heavy set woman sitting on normal sized man.

15 - Women pushing their carriages in the park, one of them is not a baby but a pizza wagon.

16 - Ship that somehow got stuck way up on a rock

17 - woman casually going out her window of a high-rise building.

18 - Awesome statue of Mother Nature emerging from the water in Botanical gardens of Montreal.

19 - Pics of a soldier taking some kind of missile out of the back of his car.

20 - 2 men with very short haircuts but left their bangs straight and long.

21 - Everyone is taking pics of some street performers on a truck, and old guy is taking pictures of the hot girls.

22 - Company sent back all their telecommunication equipment in a coffin with note saying you are  dead to us.

23 - Man standing with his kid on an optical illusion of a subway under the bricks.

24 - Urinal with massive mirror next to it.

25 - Very fat woman sitting on the back of a scooter.

26 - Hot chick in a parking lot checking her coffee

27 - Girl with no pants gassing up her Mercedes.

28 - Weasel or prairie dog showing aggression towards a lion.

29 - Massive sky scrapers covered in green trees growing on the tenants balconies.

30 - Man about to eat some fish by the seaside and a seagull is about to snatch it.

31 - Couple walking home and the man is covered in saran wrap.

32 - Velvet black Bentley parked on the street.

33 - Newspaper front page headline WHERE THE FUCK IS FRIDAY on the Daily News.

34 - Man wearing alligator shoes, as in little alligators on his feet.
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