18 Hilarious Photos

Photography is an art, no matter if you’re a professional or an amateur. The most important thing is to catch the right moment, and not necessarily a beautiful one. Sometimes weird low-quality shots are even more exciting than polished professional pictures.

1. Meet the invisible hockey team!

2. Hey, doggo! Are you all right?

3. Umm...are the chimpanzees throwing a party?

4. Just 2 questions: “How?“ and ”Why?"

5. I wonder how the driver’s going to get out?

6. Winter river horsesurfing. Why not?

7. Someone’s really close to a heart attack.

8. Who can explain what’s going on here?

9. The dog seems to understand how wrong this is.

10. Oh, come on! She just couldn’t afford a sea vacation!

11. Wanna rescue me, hungry boy?

12. Well, that’s weird, but kind of...clever?

13. Om-nom-nom...I need more letters!

14. We just hope this guy is still alive.

15. Woo-hoo! Rodeo! Oh, no...just messed it up.

16. Is it a gingerbread zombie apocalypse?!

17. Look at this lovely spiral tail!

18. How’s it even possible?!

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