30 Of The Most Perfectly Timed Photographs I’ve Ever Seen

Photography is an art, and one that often relies on having a perfect sense of timing. Capturing the perfect shot often takes hours and hours of planning and patience… and then sometimes it just comes about by pure dumb luck! Sometimes, the greatest photographs are the ones that were never meant to be taken.

1. Classic.

2. Whoa!

3. OMG!

4. It’s an alien.

5. Is this what they meant by becoming one with the horse?

6. Nice haircut, dog.

7. Yikes.

8. An incredible whale sighting.

9. I’ve got my eye on you.

10. Nice shoes, bro.

11. Instinct never fails.

12. Now THAT’S great advertising!

13. Tiny Hat + Big Head = Classic

14. Cheeky monkey!

15. Starting fires is easy with a dragon dog!

16.Uh oh…

17. Mayday!

18. Nope, nope, nope.

19. “Off the plank with ye!

20. Love is in the air.

21. Fun with science!

22. Reverse merman.

23. Just a dog walking on water, no biggie.

24. Long cat is long.

25. Here boy!

26. *POP!*

27. “Way to ruin our picture, Jerry!”

28. Splash imminent in 3…2…1

29. Whoa…

30. Stork Delivery: It’s a girl!

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