An Amazing State of the Art Superyacht

Wider is a revolutionary and exciting Italian shipyard founded by Tilli Antonelli. It specializes in the manufacture of luxury yachts from 32’ to 165’. This shipyard is building the Wider 165’, a 50m superyacht.

Antonelli and his team originally intended to make it a small boat. However, as the work progressed, they upgraded it to be able to accommodate a submarine. This was in fact as per the wishes of the boat’s owner.

Wider 165’ is built to perform. It is powered by a state of the art electric/diesel system. It is designed for maximum efficiency. The superyacht is a perfect blend of beauty and power.

Its aluminum hull and elegant silhouette make it a sailing beauty. Aluminum makes this superyacht light-weight and durable. It allows for improved performance in terms of speed and range. It is also environment-friendly; as it is completely recyclable.

As of now very few people know about the interiors of this superyacht. It is a well-kept secret. However, experts believe that it will be luxurious, spacious and sophisticated. It is scheduled to be completed by 2016.
Wider 165’ is sure to turn heads when it starts sailing in our world’s seas and oceans. It is a perfect beauty.
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